Dr. John Maxwell Leadership Expert

Stayce Harris US Air Force

Jim Murphy CEO, Afterburner

Julia Davis CIO, Aflac

Jay Rogers CEO, Local Motors

LTG James L. Terry US Army

Sen. Johnny Isakson US Senate

Dr. Mary Gentile Babson College

Jim Crupi Army Ranger School

Neil Gibson VP, FedEx

Col. Steve Banach SAMS

Len Schlesinger Harvard Business School

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Experts agree that the American public's confidence in Government, Corporations, and NGOs is at an all time low as it pertains to leadership, ethics, and trust. Public confidence in leadership has not been this low since the 1920s, when organized crime dominated the streets.

Honor2Lead was created to help solve this crisis by developing and building trustworthy leaders who set a fresh standard for what today's leader should aim to be.

The Military represents a culture of honor and virtue

We task our military to protect our families and foundational freedoms — to preserve our way of life. They train for leadership performance at every level in the chain of command, and embody that code of behavior based upon a set of virtues, even when off duty.

Honor2Lead explores what those virtues are and how leaders in all sectors can learn from them and use them to become more successful in the fields they care about most.

A global epidemic: 86% believe there is a crisis of leadership. In the US, the figure is 92%.

Davos Global Survey of CEOs and business

To that end, Honor2Lead has identified 8 Virtues that are shared by the five branches of the armed forces. These same Virtues can help leaders in any field become better agents of trust.

The eight Virtues


The moral obligation to do what is right

Selfless Service

Fraternal humility - orientation to others


Honesty + fairness


Deference due to rank, regard, responsibility, age, office, or position


A trustworthy pledge


Unwavering faithfulness

Personal Courage

Mental or moral strength


Extremely high quality

We need leaders who exemplify greatness and stand up, when others sit idle. When we see their acts of selfless service, it inspires us to follow in their footsteps. We need more trustworthy leaders who can stand before us with dignity and say...

“It’s an Honor2Lead!”

The American Military: a Vestige of Virtue and Honor

The five branches of the armed forces have a longstanding tradition of serving the corps virtues of: duty, self-less service, integrity, respect, commitment, loyalty, personal courage, excellence, and honor. Servicemen and women honor these virtues in both peacetime and in crisis to keep everyone on point and on mission.

H2L believes that leaders at the helm of every enterprise in every sector of society will benefit from a closer look at these virtues as they lead through crisis, adapt to new realities, protect their people, grow brand equity, and ensure shareholder value.

Values and Virtues are not the same

Values are temporary. When we are young we might value money, while when we are older we value time. They also allow us to place worth on anything we want, even if what we want is unhealthy for ourselves or others. Values also usually differ from one person to the next. And where there is misalignment, there is risk of individualism and fierce entitlement. This makes it near impossible to build trust.

Virtues, however, are timeless truths. They inform our values. They drive behavior, right conduct, and right relationships. They serve as the moral foundations of health, service, growth, strength, sustainability, and trust.

H2L's Global Countermeasure

NOUN / A response of tactical precision taken to oppose, neutralize, or reverse an undesirable outcome

H2L's countermeasure is a movement to raise up a generation of leaders who can challenge this destabilizing trend and reclaim the virtues that make leaders trustworthy.

To this end, we intend to:


Restore the Virtues of Trustworthy Leadership

We need leaders who inspire trust. Leaders who pledge to do what is right even at great cost, and defend against the assault on our virtues. We need servant-leaders less motivated by displays of status, ego, and power, and more focused on the empowerment of others.

Replicate and train the next generation

We want these virtues to become second nature to next generation leaders from the earliest of ages. We will intentionally invest in younger leaders and enjoy the compounding effect that a healthy virtuous leadership paradigm will have on America’s recruiting pool and future brain trust.

Re-enlist former military leaders helping them transition to civilian leaders

We must not overlook this valuable resource. Former military leaders can deeply impact their C-suites, challenge their colleagues and embolden their communities because of their experience, field-testing, and training.

Resource this initiative through world-class training & technology

By developing strategic partnerships to provide an arsenal of books, videos, training curriculum, assessments, and streaming events for both personal and team use, we will empower the development of virtuous and trustworthy leaders. Delivery will be made available at the individual level through online and mobile platforms with 24/7 access through LeaderPass™- a revolutionary new way to experience and extend the value of live events to those who aren’t able to attend.

Reinstate confidence in America’s capacity for greatness

We need to diffuse the cynicism, fear and entitlement that is holding this generation hostage. We must communicate and fortify the hope that America’s future is unlimited by showing what is possible through ethical decision making, morally-guided business ventures and philanthropic outreach.

Reclaim a richer moral language

We need words that carry more weight. A creed that calls for a steadfast commitment to get beyond the values-based “power-point” rhetoric and inspire a reverence for these transcendent truths and timeless virtues.

The Training: Four Seats of Influence

Honor2Lead's well-known speakers come from what we call the Four Seats of Influence in our society. Each seat represents a category that influences culture and directly impacts the direction of our mission. The Seats are:


Business represents the Seat of Change in society. It drives markets and influences the everyday lives of individuals in almost every culture and nation. Businesses are literally starving to hire trustworthy leaders who can step into roles of responsibility, be accountable to shared corporate values, and be a catalyst for innovation.


The general public has invested academia with the Seat of Trust in society. The amount of time and influence academia has with our future generations is significant. If schools can contribute to the conversation, then we can enjoy a compounding effect that a healthy virtuous leadership paradigm will have on America's next generation.


America looks to athletics to showcase the Seat of Talent & Teamwork. Athletic leaders are able to to catalyze teams, teach selfless collaboration, personal discipline, and physical development. Coaches, players, and owners should seek and celebrate virtuous leaders within the sport, no longer choosing talent over morals.


The US Military has long held the Seat of Shared Virtues. We expect them to lead well in extreme conditions, even under personal duress. Military leaders protect our way of life and model the 8 Virtues. We are honored that our military leaders are willing to perform at the highest levels, even if service means dying to do so.

If we identify leaders who hold an authoritative voice in each of the above Seats, and they are willing to help teach virtuous leadership from that position of influence, then trust can ignite and spread at a rapid pace.

Honor2Lead: made for Business

The Honor2Lead Virtual Pass is made for anyone who wants to build their leadership skillset. If you would like to learn the necessary approach to becoming a leader worth following, and increase your influence with those you work with, then you should get your Virtual Pass today.

Grow your Business

Train your people with virtues that build customer trust and loyalty. Promote selfless team building and help your people make the connection between ethics and profitability.

Build your Organization

Equip your people with high-level content that builds a culture of leadership and trust. Be perceived as a virtues-based, values-driven organization that gets results.

Empower your Students

Shaping America's next generation begins with your faculty and administration. Recognize, value, model, and equip your students with virtuous leadership in the school.

Ignite your Sports Team

Give your players access to lessons on how to live a life of virtue on and off the field of play. Then provide your team with the self-less leadership skills needed to truly excel as a cohesive unit.

Every single Honor2Lead session is geared towards helping you achieve greatness within your organization. The lessons learned are applicable to any industry, any category, business, or job. Honor2Lead is the best, highest-quality, and most exclusive leadership development training available today.

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