Honor 2 Lead: Restoring the Virtues of Trustworthy Leadership. The global event.

The Crisis

Honor2Lead Initiative

Experts agree that our nation is in a Crisis of Leadership due to an ethical dilemma. America has forgotten what great leadership looks like because we have foreclosed on our timeless virtues in favor of makeshift values.

Honor2Lead exists to solve the reported crisis of ethical leadership in the U.S.

The American public's confidence in Government, Corporations, and NGOs is at an all time low as it pertains to leadership, ethics, and trust.

Tens of millions of ethical breaches are being reported every week, suggesting that public confidence in leadership has not been this low since the 1920s, when organized crime dominated the streets.

America needs to trust her leaders again.

That's why Honor2Lead is committed to bringing together leaders of honor who represent 4 Seats of Influence in our society: Business, Academia, Military, and Athletics. Our initiative is dedicated to identifying and showcasing men and women whose leadership and core virtues are worthy of our trust - leaders truly worth following.

These leaders esteem a set of Corps Virtues, and are eager to share and teach leadership through that lens, so we can collectively solve the crisis by creating examples that restoring the Virtues of Trustworthy Leadership.

If we get our virtues right, our core values, attitudes, ethics, and positive outcomes will follow. Trust will follow. Strength will follow. Success will follow.

We need leaders with a strong set of virtues who exemplify greatness and stand up when others sit idle. When we see their acts of selfless service, integrity, commitment and personal courage, it inspires us to follow in their footsteps.

We need more trustworthy leaders who can stand before us with dignity and say...

It's an Honor2Lead.

Virtuous Leaders

Trustworthy leaders

We honor virtuous leaders because they are rare. We seek leaders like these in all Seats of Influence because they alone can restore our trust.

The American military is a vestige of Virtue and Honor. It has a longstanding history of serving timeless principles and we task them with some of our greatest missions: to protect our families and foundational freedoms - to preserve our way of life.

Honor2Lead has identified 8 "Corp" Virtues that are shared by each branch of the Armed Forces. All of us have much to learn from the deep sense of honor and shared virtues, which attract and create leaders of the highest caliber - leaders who give of themselves in the service of others and are dedicated to something with a higher purpose than themselves..

What if the Corps Virtues that our soldiers are willing to die for could influence the Core Values by which your leaders lead?

H2L believes that leaders at the helm of every enterprise, in every sector of society, will benefit from adopting these 8 Virtues.

The Military trains for leadership performance at every level of organization and they embrace a value driven code of conduct for which they train, even off duty. It's not just about leading that matters, it is about how to lead that matters most.

They distinguish themselves by their commitment to surrender life itself should the mission at-hand require it. That is because these leaders serve something deeper than individual values - they serve and uphold the deep virtues that we all value.

Honor is what we bestow upon leaders who...

exemplify the balance of these virtues.

The Eight Virtues

  • Duty

    a moral obligation to do what is right
  • Self-less Service

    fraternal humility and an orientation to others
  • Integrity

    honesty and fairness
  • Respect

    deep admiration, reverence, or regard
  • Commitment

    meaningful devotion and allegiance
  • Loyalty

    unwavering faithfulness
  • Personal Courage

    mental and moral strength, bravery
  • Excellence

    extremely high quality


Training virtuous leaders

H2L attracts and curates insights from trustworthy voices who lead within one of 4 Seats of Influence: Business, Military, Academia, and Athletics

In an ongoing effort, H2L identifies trustworthy voices who esteem the eight corp virtues and are willing to provide leadership insight from their real-world experience.

Outstanding business professors, best-selling authors, active or former military leaders, exemplary athletes and coaches, cutting-edge business innovators, top thought leaders, and decorated war heroes - are stepping forward with a willingness to teach so others can learn to lead with these virtues.

This is an initiative to raise up a generation of leaders who can challenge the current destabilizing trend and reclaim the virtues that make leaders trustworthy.

It's not about one person, one perspective, or one approach. It is about virtuous leadership in practice.

These top leaders are gathered from four distinct seats of influence and participate in simulcasts, staging events, and exclusive 1-on-1 sessions that are then offered as a unique leadership development training curriculum.

Learn from the most outstanding Marketplace, Military, and World-Class Academic and Athletic leaders like:

Dr. John C. Maxwell

#1 ranked leadership expert in the world

Julia Davis

CIO, Aflac, former Captain USAF

Len Schlesinger

Professor of BA, Harvard Business School

James L. Terry

Lieutenant General, Commander 3rd Army

Jim "Murph" Murphy

CEO, Afterburner Inc., former Fighter Pilot

Neil Gibson

VP Corporate Communications, FedEx

Stayce Harris

Major General, 22nd Air Force

Johnny Isakson

Chairman, Senate Ethics Committee

Jay Rogers

Founder and CEO Local Motors, former Marine

Mary Gentile

Creator, Giving Voice to Values, Babson College

Jim Crupi

Strategist, Global Leadership and Business Consultant

Lee Ellis

Award-winning author, Prisoner of War hero

Sessions are being demanded and added monthly which is a testament to how many great leaders truly care about this issue and want to contribute to the H2L Initiative, which has but one purpose....

to solve the leadership crisis.

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