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Traditionally, Academia has represented the seat of knowledge in our society, perceived as worthy stewards of our children's hearts and minds from grade school to higher learning. But do our schools emphasize, value, and prioritize leadership development?

U.S. Employers calling for it:

  • 77.2%

    hiring our students want to see leadership skills in the candidates
  • 79.8%

    look for teamwork ability on the resume
  • 90%

    believe leadership should be a part of every student's experience

Yet, only 6% of Universities have an institutionally sustained collegiate leadership program. And the average age a manager gets leadership training is 42 years old, a full decade after they begin supervising people.

H2L believes that by exposing our schools' administration, faculty, and our students to real-world practitioners who espouse the 8 Corp Virtues, our educational system has the opportunity to produce the next generation of leaders, rebuild trust in our society, and propel our country forward.

Honor2Lead is training Academia to recognize, value, model, and equip their students with the Virtues of Trustworthy Leadership.

Here's how:

Throughout the year, H2L invites top experts from their position of leadership in four distinct seats of influence to gather and participate in live Simulcasts, staging Events, and exclusive 1-on-1 Sessions. Each learning moment is captured and recorded via video.

These unique insights, teachings, and experiences are then organized and offered to your school as an exclusive, leadership training curriculum. The H2L platform can be accessed at the individual student level and by teachers who can use it as a sophisticated leadership development program in their classrooms — 24/7, on-demand via desktop or any handheld device.

If we don't prioritize developing our next-gen leaders:

  • An entitled, self serving generation will continue to flood the workforce
  • Success at any cost will serve as the norm
  • Talent over character will permeate every sector of society, due to lack of virtuous foundation
  • A zero sum game is perpetuated, win-win is absent, and self-righteousness will influence the direction of the country
  • Our schools, teachers and academia in general will lose ground as an influencer proving irrelevant and out of touch with equipping students with how to handle real-world issues

Your School wins with H2L

  • TrainYour Students and Faculty

    • Exclusive high quality student and professional leadership development
    • Equip students to think virtuously connecting values to their growth
    • Transform your faculty and teachers into models of ethical leadership
  • Build an Academic environmentof Leadership and Trust

    • Bring a new energy of service, innovation and leadership to your campus
    • Promote selfless, community driven thought leaders
    • Demonstrate your willingness to prioritize a virtuous leadership culture
  • Grow Your SchoolsExposure

    • Recruit new students and staff due to a new vision of leadership
    • Align trustworthy leadership curriculum to your school's mission
    • Build public perception as virtues-based leadership oriented academic institution
    • Invite outside donors and business leaders to get involved

Honor2Lead Features

Don't miss out on these great features! Included with all Passes are:

  • Worldclass leadership training
  • 8 Virtues — focused learning tracks
  • Speakers organized for easy viewing
  • 24/7 On-demand Access
  • Measurement — score your progress
  • 3 min leadership bites for quick training
  • Anywhere there's Internet or WiFi
  • Take notes and store them in the App
  • Ongoing content — new training added monthly


All Passes come with 30 days of full access.

Pick the Pass that best fits your need:

Single Pass

for individual users

This is your best choice if you're an individual and you want to treat yourself to high level leadership training by the best in the industry. You can even purchase up to three individual passes at once — e.g. for yourself and two friends.

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Team Pass

for teams up to 75 users

Want to develop a team of trustworthy leaders based on the 8 Corp Values? Grab a Team Pass and build your leadership culture. Three pricing options available based on headcount that saves you money.

Group of 25

$69per user

Group of 50

$59per user

Group of 75

$49per user

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Host Pass

for events of 75+ users

Hold live Simulcast day(s) for a large group at your location. Each of your attendees gets their own LeaderPass, plus you get these additional Host features:

  • Host one or more private, faculty-exclusive, fundraiser, or public events
  • Attendee reporting & scoring
  • Lowest price! Attractive school discounts available

Request more information and pricing today!

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