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There is a leadership and ethics problem throughout the world today in almost every professional vocation. We must take a moment to compliment the military because they are doing an excellent job establishing confidence in our country – better than anyone else according to the polls.

But, there are real pressures that are straining leadership, in each of the 5 branches of the military, with equally devastating repercussions:

  • Operational tempo

    associated with deployments, years of troop reduction force drawdowns , and recent budget cuts via sequestration.
  • Trust and relationships declining

    vertically and horizontally in the branches of the military have been intensified due to lack of shared discourse and diminished shared ethical standards.
  • Sexual harassment incidents

    are a concern at home and abroad during deployments, as a result of sustained conflict.
  • Family resiliency is taxed

    by combat stress, deployment reminders, and even during returns causing difficulty with marriage and parenting roles, found before, during and after deployment.
  • Suicide

    has killed more soldiers than actual combat , demands leadership in the area of resiliency for our forces.

Given nearly 15 years of attrition warfare, H2L wants to help the military improve its performance of the above emergent ethical fissures of leadership execution in the Services.

Honor2Lead invites all active duty military to participate in what will prove to be the largest organized leadership initiative of its kind.

Here's how:

Honor2Lead can reach as many leaders as possible simultaneously through its online platform capable of delivering "24/7 Virtues-Based Leadership Training, On-Demand". It is H2Ls intent to make this training available 365 days a year, for all the Services.

Throughout the year, H2L invites top experts from their position of leadership in four distinct seats of influence to gather and participate in live Simulcasts, staging Events, and exclusive 1-on-1 Sessions. Each learning moment is captured and recorded via video.

These unique insights, teachings, and experiences are then organized and offered as an exclusive, leadership training curriculum. The H2L platform can be accessed by an individual soldier, or administered at the commander level — 24/7, on-demand via desktop or any handheld device.

Incorporating Honor2Lead into our military will:

  • Promote pride and overcome the sense of pessimism that seems to permeate the military as it has downsized
  • Build trust & relationships that strengthen the military culture
  • Eliminate behaviors that deteriorate the code and influence of leadership in the military
  • Reverse the decline in troops re-enlistments
  • Reinvigorate the confidence and faith that our country places in U.S. Military leadership

The path to positive action and outcomes lies in embracing virtues that matter - it is these underlying values that will make the difference.

The Military strengthens with H2L

  • Train Soldiers at the Individual Level

    • Exclusive high quality leadership development at their pace, anywhere in the world
    • Develop agile, adaptive leaders who learn to work within complex situations and solve problems unsupervised - “Power to the Edge”
    • Provide virtues-based leadership training that equips individual's ability to foster family resiliency
    • Build character-oriented, ethical leaders
  • Build a Cultureof Leadership and Trust

    • Develop skills that promote empathy, trust, and relationships
    • Support SHARP initiative through leadership perspective and 8 Corp Virtues training
    • Innovate and exercise disciplined initiative to promote a healthy command climate
    • Demonstrate senior leadership's concern for soldier's best interests by investing in their leadership development process
  • Grow Your Branch of the Armed Forces

    • Utilize H2L's platform to attract new talent by offering it to young recruits, establishing an innovative vision of leadership
    • Restore the internal and external perception of the military as virtues-based, leadership oriented approach to service
    • Promote virtues-based leadership & Mission Command for all five armed service branches of the U.S. Military as a Profession of Arms

Honor2Lead Features

Don't miss out on these great features! Included with all Passes are:

  • Worldclass leadership training
  • 8 Virtues — focused learning tracks
  • Speakers organized for easy viewing
  • 24/7 On-demand Access
  • Measurement — score your progress
  • 3 min leadership bites for quick training
  • Anywhere there's Internet or WiFi
  • Take notes and store them in the App
  • Ongoing content — new training added monthly


All Passes come with 30 days of full access.

Pick the Pass that best fits your need:

Single Pass

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Want to develop a team of trustworthy leaders based on the 8 Corp Values? Grab a Team Pass and build your leadership culture. Three pricing options available based on headcount that saves you money.

Group of 25

$69per user

Group of 50

$59per user

Group of 75

$49per user

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Host Pass

for events of 75+ users

Hold a live Simulcast day for a large group at your location. Each of your attendees gets their own LeaderPass, plus you get these additional Host features:

  • Full Simulcast license — live and rebroadcast options
  • Team reporting & accountability
  • Lowest price per head available

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